Information for firms with branch offices!

If your firm has branch offices it is likely they all use the same FEIN. This presents a problem for the GovernmentForms.manager system which requires a unique FEIN for each and every firm (along with their branch offices) that submits forms electronically. To remedy the situation simply add an "-XX" at the end of the FEIN for each branch.

001020003 (Headquarters/Main Office) or 001020003-00
001020003-01 (Pensacola)
001020003-02 (Jacksonville)
001020003-03 (Birmingham, AL)

Important: Each branch office submitting a separate form must establish its own account with the agency using the unique FEIN and a password for that branch. Firms that generate all the forms at one central location can manage multiple branch submittals from the same office, and even the same computer, by taking the following steps to organize the separate submittals:

1. Generate an agency account for each unique FEIN and obtain a password for each FEIN. Use these steps:
a. On the agency's Electronic Submittals page, enter the unique FEIN (see above) and the appropriate email address, and then click the "Install GFS" button.
b. An email will be sent to that address which will confirm the account established under the FEIN and will provide a password. (Multiple accounts can be set up using the same email address).
2. In the GFS software, under File - Preferences click on the Multiple Offices/Locations check box and then click the Modify List button. For each office, enter the FEIN, the corresponding password and the correct office location. For the location it is important to use the following format (City, ST). A unique subfolder for each branch office will be created automatically under the GFS Forms Directory on the submitting computer or company server.
        C:\Program Files\Government Forms Software\001020003 [Orlando, FL]
        C:\Program Files\Government Forms Software\001020003-01 [Maitland, FL]
        C:\Program Files\Government Forms Software\001020003-02 [San Francisco, CA]
3. Create the Part II, making sure the unique FEIN for that branch is used.   Use the File - Save As... command to save the form (again, all forms MUST have the same file name, e.g., the Part II must be named Agency_Name.II.330) to the appropriate sub-directory location.

ALL firms and firm branches must use the exact file naming convention so that the agency server can identify the file as it is posted:
Part I:  Agency_Name [ProjectNo].330  (e.g. NYSDOT [PD-01-002].330)
Part II:  Agency_Name.II.330  (e.g. NYSDOT.II.330)
4. GFS offers the capability to quickly switch the contents of the File Tree on the left side of the screen by selecting the appropriate office/location from the drop-down list located above the File Tree.