The system errors (or hangs) while attempting to Post a form.

Post Form performs 3 functions:

1.Local Operation: Special XML & PDF files are created on the local drive.
If the program hangs here the culprit is typically a permissions issue. Make sure that the user has proper permissions to the folder where the Local Operation is attempting to create the files.
2.Uploading Items: GFS uses HTTP or FTP protocol to upload files to the agency server.
If the program hangs here the culprit is typically an issue with a firewall.  Confirm that two-way traffic via the HTTP port 80 (or FTP port 21) is allowed to the agency web site.
3.Server Processing: The uploaded files are parsed and distributed into the system.
A timeout error during this process (see below) might be remedied by increasing the Server Processing Timeout length (press and hold the [Ctrl] key then click on the Post button).
Any of these solutions MAY require the assistance of (or information from) your network administrator.